Publisher Douglas Heuck started Pittsburgh Quarterly in 2005 after 20 years as an award-winning investigative reporter and business editor at Pittsburgh's major daily newspapers, The Pittsburgh Press and Post-Gazette. Pittsburgh Quarterly's mission is to bring outstanding magazine journalism to the Greater Pittsburgh area. We publish the region's best writers, photographers and artists and strive to present an intelligent publication that chronicles the most important and interesting issues and events in one of the world's great cities—Pittsburgh.

In each of the magazine's first six years, it has led the magazine category of Western Pennsylvania's main competition for journalistic excellence—the Golden Quill Awards, sponsored by the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania and judged by out-of-town journalists.

Pittsburgh Quarterly eschews the standard regional magazine format of publishing advertising-driven content. Instead of publishing list-based content on, for instance, best doctors, best dentists, best lawyers, etc., we focus on delivering the best writing, photography and illustrations about the most timely and pertinent topics in Pittsburgh. In this regard, Pittsburgh Quarterly has become one of the nation's premiere regional magazines for editorial excellence.

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