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Since we began publishing in early 2006, Pittsburgh Quarterly has led all western Pennsylvania magazines in the region's main competition for journalistic excellence—the Golden Quill Awards, sponsored by the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania. Over the past five years, Pittsburgh Quarterly has dominated the awards, winning 38 Golden Quills with 51 finalists.

Pittsburgh Quarterly's winners and finalists:


Ray Sprigle Memorial Award for Magazines: 
(Winner) Seamus McGraw, “Marcellus Shale Series"

Best Cover Design: 
(Winner) Mark Bender and Jennifer McNulty, “Pittsburgh Feast
(Finalist) Jim Starr and Jennifer McNulty, “Allegheny, Ahoy” 

Magazine photography
(Winner) David Aschkenas, “Chronicling the Courthouse

History/Culture Feature: 
(Winner) Barry Paris, “Too Strong for Fantasy

Arts & Entertainment Feature:
(Winner) Graham Shearing, Art Thoughts columns
(Finalist) Charles Rosenblum, “Architecture Series

Health/Science/Technology Feature:
(Winner) Jeffery Fraser, “Is Better Good Enough?— Despite improvement, the region is losing the race for cleaner air

Business/Technology/Consumer Feature:
(Winner) Seamus McGraw, “Marcellus Shale Series
(Finalist) Tom Imerito, “Kissing my Privacy Goodbye"
(Finalist) Jeffery Fraser, “Is Better Good Enough?— Despite improvement, the region is losing the race for cleaner air

Community Service:
(Finalist) Jeffery Fraser, “Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow

Sports Feature: 
(Finalist) Mike McGarrity, “Opening Day Minus One

(Finalist) Terry Miller, “Sticks & Bones

Education Feature: 
(Finalist) Julia Fraser, "Attendance Matters"

Fashion/Style/Home Feature: 
(Finalist) Marylynn Uricchio, “Homefront

Food Feature: 
(Finalist) Sherrie Flick, “What’s Cooking?

Editorial Cartoon: 
(Finalist) Tim Menees



Ray Sprigle Memorial Award for Best of Show: (Winner) Jeffery Fraser, “Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow

Feature Illustration: (Winner) Mark Bender, “Splashdown” 

Profile Feature: (Winner) Christine O’Toole, “Who is Bill Peduto?

Editorial Cartoon: (Finalist) Tim Menees

Feature: (Winner) Tim Menees, “Rainy Nights in Paris”; (Finalist) Aaron Skirboll, “Louis vs. Lewis

Photography: (Winner) Roy Engelbrecht; (Finalist) John Beale, “The Lincoln Highway at 100”; (Finalist) Darlyn Brewer Hoffstot, “The Motel Era

Photo Essay/Special Photo: (Winner) John Beale, “The Lincoln Highway at 100

Community Service: (Winner) Jeffery Fraser, “Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow”; (Finalist) Christine O’Toole, “The Arts Engine

Business/Technology/Consumer Feature: (Winner) Evan Pattak, “The STEM Gap”; (Finalist) Seamus McGraw, “Red Flags Rising"

Education Feature: (Winner) Matt Stroud, “Grading the Scorecard”; (Finalist) Evan Pattak, “The STEM Gap

Health/Science/Environment Article or Series: (Winner) Ben Wecht, “A Natural Playground

History/Culture Article or Series: (Winner) Adam Eisenstat, “Voyaging Through the Hollow”; (Finalist) Tim McNulty, “Raising a Glass (and a Local Industry)

Arts & Entertainment Feature: (Winner) Christine O’Toole, “In Jeopardy

Food Feature: (Winner) Sherrie Flick, “What’s Cooking?

Sports Feature: (Winner) Marino Parascenzo “Remember the Tartans

Columns: (Winner) Marino Parascenzo, “Far Afield” Column Portfolio



Ray Sprigle Memorial Award for Best of Show: (Winner) Seamus McGraw, "The Marcellus Shale"

Feature Illustration: (Winner) Daniel Marsula, "African Americans in Pittsburgh"(Finalist) Stacy Innerst, "A Clearer Reflection"

Editorial Cartoon: (Finalist) Tim Menees.

Feature: (Winner) Christine O'Toole, "Pittsburgh's New Immigrants" (Finalist) Jay Stevens, "The Watery Part of the World;"Jeffery Fraser, "The Young People Myth"

Photography: (Finalist) John Beale, "Dogs of Our Lives"

Fashion/Style/Home Feature: (Finalist) Marylynn Uricchio, "Homefront"

Community Service: (Winner) Seamus McGraw, "The Marcellus Shale" (Finalists): Ben Schmitt and Jeffery Fraser, "African Americans in Pittsburgh;" Christine O'Toole, "Pittsburgh's New Immigrants"

Education Feature: (Winner) Ben Schmitt, "A Clearer Reflection" (Finalist) Tom Imerito, "Discovering Man in America"

Health/Science/Environment Article or Series: (Finalist) Tom Imerito, "Quantum Couple"

History/Culture Article or Series: (Finalist) Christine O'Toole, "Pittsburgh's New Immigrants"

Arts & Entertainment Feature: (Winner): Sandra Levis, "Reading Room" (Finalists) Marianne Davis, "The Arts Equation;" Melanie Linn Gutowski, "Steel City Spectacle"

Food Feature: (Finalist) Joseph Sabino Mistick, "Neighborhood Joints"

Sports Reporting, Online: (Finalist) Marino Parascenzo, "The Seniors Come to Pittsburgh"

Columns: (Finalist) Douglas Heuck, "From the Publisher"



Ed Romano Memorial Award: Photography (Winner) John Beale, Pittsburgh Quarterly, "Faces of Marcellus Shale"

Ray Sprigle Memorial Award: (Winner) Jeffery Fraser, "The Cost of Blight"

Feature Illustration (Livolsi-Schriner Award): (Finalist) Mark Bender, Pittsburgh Quarterly, Spring Cover.

Fashion/Style/Home Feature: (Winner) Marylynn Uricchio, "Homefront"

Community Service: (Winner) Jeffery Fraser, "The Cost of Blight"

Business/Technology/Consumer Article or Series: (Finalist) Sean D. Hamill, "Blockbuster."

Photography, Magazines: (Winner) John Beale, "Faces of Marcellus Shale."

History/Cultural Article or Series: (Winner) Greg Nichols,"Forged in November" (Finalist) Peter Rutkoff and Will Scott,"The Black Diamond"

Arts & Entertainment Feature: (Winner) Sandra Levis,"Reading Room"

Sports Feature: (Winner) Greg Nichols, "Forged in November"

Editorials: (Winner) Douglas Heuck, "Stocks and Pedestal" (Finalist) Douglas Heuck, "From the Publisher"

Columns: (Winner) Sandra Levis, "Reading Room" (Finalist) Jeff Sewald, What Do I Know"

Best Cover Design: (Finalist) Jennifer McNulty.

Feature: (Finalist) Christine O'Toole, "Touch of Gray."

Personality Profile Feature: (Finalist) William S. Dietrich II, "In the American Grain: The Amazing Story of Henry Ford"

Photo Essay/Special Photo: (Finalist) John Beale, Pittsburgh Quarterly, "Faces of Marcellus Shale"

Health/Science/Environment Article or Series: (Finalist) Kelly Casey, "Health Insights," Christine O'Toole, "High-Tech Sylvania."

Food Feature: (Finalist) Joe Mistick, "Neighborhood Joints"

Best Website: (Finalist) Jennifer McNulty and Douglas Heuck, PittsburghQuarterly.com



Ray Sprigle Memorial Award: (winner) "Our Endangered River," Jeffery Fraser.

Livolsi-Shriner Award for Best Feature Illustration: (winner) Spring Cover, Daniel Marsula.

Best Writing: (winner) "Fallow Ground," Margaret Whitford. (finalist) “Masters of Their Fate,” Jeffery Fraser.

Enterprise/Investigative Series: (winner) Energy Series, Seamus McGraw, Jennifer Bails and Reid Frazier. (finalist) “Regional Indicators,” John G. Craig Jr. and Douglas Heuck.  (finalist) Marcellus Shale Series, Seamus McGraw.

Enterprise/Investigative Article: (winner) "Our Endangered River," Jeffery Fraser. (finalist) “Masters of Their Fate,” Jeffery Fraser.

Feature: (winner) "Baby Byron Turns 18," Matt Stroud.

Business: (winner) "Masters of Their Fate," Jeffery Fraser. (finalist) “Riding out the Storm,” Reid Frazier. (finalist) Marcellus Shale Series, Seamus McGraw.

Health/Medical: (winner) "A Gordian Knot: Haiti," Douglas Heuck.

Cultural: (winner) "Art Thoughts," Graham Shearing.

Criticism: (winner) "The Reading Room," Sandra Levis.

Sports: (winner) "Along the River's Edge," Chris Weber.

Editorial: (winner) "Stocks and Pedestals," Douglas Heuck.

Column: (winner) "From the Publisher," Douglas Heuck.

Continuing Coverage: (finalist) Energy Series, Seamus McGraw, Reid Frazier and Jennifer Bails. (finalist) Marcellus Shale Series, Seamus McGraw.



Feature: (winner)  "The Story of the Marcellus Shale," Seamus McGraw. (finalist) "Bringing Light to a Dark Science," Bruce Keidan.

Editorial: (winner) "The Observer," Douglas Heuck. (finalist) "From the Publisher," Douglas Heuck.

Business: (winner) "The Story of the Marcellus Shale," Seamus McGraw. (finalist) "Pittsburgh Giants," William S. Dietrich II.

Criticism: (winner)  "The Prize and Price of a Literary Life," Sandra Levis. (finalist) "Steel City Jews," Sandra Levis. (finalist)"Of Untimely Corpses," Sandra Levis.

Enterprise/Investigative Series: (winner) "Regional Indicators," John G. Craig Jr.

Continuing Coverage: (winner) "Energy and Pittsburgh," William S. Dietrich II, Jeffery Fraser, Dennis Unkovic, Seamus McGraw and Douglas Heuck.

Editorial Cartoon: (finalist) "Whom," Tim Menees

Science/Technology: (finalist)  "Oxymoron of Opportunity," Jeffery Fraser.

Cultural: (finalist) "Full Circle for the Square," Justin Hopper. (finalist) "A Dance to Remember," Reid R. Frazier

Sports: (finalist) "A Mountain from the Hill," Chris Weber. (finalist)  "The Man Behind the Players," Walter Villa.

Column: (finalist) "From the Publisher," Douglas Heuck. (finalist)  "The Observer," Douglas Heuck. (finalist)  "You'll Manage," Chris Allison.

Best Writing: (finalist)  "Elevens," Lori Jakiela.



Continuing Coverage: (winner) "Pittsburgh's Leading Women," Aradhna Dhanda, Jeffery Fraser and John Buckman.  (finalist) "Pittsburgh 250," Pittsburgh Quarterly Staff.

Criticism: (winner) "Reading Room," Sandra Levis.

Editorial: (winner) "Stocks and Pedestals," Doug Heuck.

Column: (winner) "What Do I Know?" Jeff Sewald

Enterprise/Investigative Series: (winner) "Pittsburgh Regional Indicators," John G. Craig Jr.

Enterprise/Investigative Article: (winner) "The Truth About Pittsburgh's Air," Jeffery Fraser.

Editorial Cartoon: (finalist)  Portfolio, Tim Menees.

Photo Essay or Story: (finalist)  "Pittsburgh's Three Seasons," John Beale.

Sports: (finalist)  "Queens of the Court," Jody Diperna.



Photo Essay or Story:  (winner) “Portrait of the Allegheny,” John Beale.

Business: (winner) “The China Syndrome,” Dan Fitzpatrick. (finalist) “Campaign With a Capital P,” Jeffery Fraser.

Cultural: (winner) “A Frame to Conjure With,” Graham Shearing.

Criticism: (winner) “Reading Room,” Sandy Levis.

Sports: (winner) “For the Birds,” Adam Lynch.

Editorial: (winner) “Stocks & Pedestal,” Douglas Heuck. (finalist) “The Gift,” Douglas Heuck.

Column: (winner) “What Do I Know?" Jeff Sewald.

Enterprise/Investigative Series:  (finalist) “Report Card”, John G. Craig, Jr.

Editorial Cartoon: (finalist) “Colonoscopy DVD”, Tim Menees.

Enterprise/Investigative Article: (finalist) “Hold That Thought/Now Its Time to Act,” Mark DeSantis and Jim Roddey.

Ed Romano Memorial Award: (winner) “Portrait of the Allegheny,” John Beale.

Health/Medical: (finalist) “The Jet Set,” Jeffery Fraser.

Science/Technology: (finalist) “Proof of the Proof,” Jennifer Bails.



Science, Health & Technology: (winner)  "It's Pay Dirt," Jeffery Fraser. (finalist)   "Starzl: A Genius in Our Midst," Jeffery Fraser.

Criticism: (winner)  "Can You Dig It? Yes," Sandy Levis.

Editorial: (winner)  "Reading Between the Lines," Douglas Heuck.

Column: (winner) "Google Knows How to Flirt," James Morris. (finalist)  "Life of an Ex-CEO," Chris Allison.

News Illustration: (finalist) "The Sword Over the City," Ted Crow.

Livolsi-Schriner Award for Feature Illustration: (finalist)  "Winter 2006 Cover,”  Lynne Connoy.

Cultural: (finalist) "Full Court Press," Karen Lillis.

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