Allan H. Meltzer

spring15 A life’s recounting in the subject’s own words

As a kid, I moved a lot around Boston, where I was born. My mother died when I was 5, after which I lived with my grandmother. When I was 9, my father remarried and we became suburbanites, moving to Westwood, Mass. Practically no Jews lived there other than me, my dad and my sisters. One day, a fire started in our backyard and my next-door neighbor came running with his hose and stood on the property line. He didn’t feel any responsibility to help us, but he wasn’t going to let the fire damage his own property. So it was in the little town of Westwood that I first experienced anti-Semitism. more >

Ted Pappas, Impresario

fall14 A life’s recounting in the subject’s own words

How did I find myself in Pittsburgh? That’s a complicated question. I was born in Tampa to Greek immigrant parents, so my first few years were spent in Florida surrounded by a very Greek community. (There are more Greeks there than you might think.) Then we moved to Gary, Ind., where my father worked as a laborer for U.S. Steel. So, I guess, I’m from Gary. more >

Richard V. Piacentini

spring14 A life’s recounting in the subject’s own words

I was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island, practically across the street from a several-thousand-acre state park in which we played all the time. I loved being in the woods as a kid. I was always interested in plants and animals—mostly plants, to be honest—during my early years. more >

Elsie H. Hillman, Political and Civic Leader

spring14 A life's recounting in the subject's own words

Instrumental in the political campaigns of: Dwight Eisenhower, William Scranton, John Heinz, Gerald Ford, Richard Thornburgh, George H.W. Bush, Barbara Hafer, Tom Ridge and Arlen Specter

Board member of many organizations through the decades, including: WQED Multimedia, the Hill House Association, the Urban League, Carlow University and the Hillman Family Foundations more >

Mark A. Nordenberg

spring13 Professor of Law & University Administrator

Minnesota is the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes,' and northern Minnesota, where I was born and raised, has more than its share. Because Duluth, my hometown, was built on a hill, we had a scenic view of Lake Superior from our home. To me, it was like an ocean. Duluth was a great place to be a kid, and the 1950s and '60s was perhaps the best time. more >

Sala Udin

spring13 A life's recounting in the subject's own words
My mother and father came to Pittsburgh during the great black migration from the South in the 1920s. They met and married here and took up residence in the lower Hill District. I was raised on Fullerton Street, which was the main drag leading to Wiley Avenue, the cultural heart of the lower Hill. From our front window, we witnessed what seemed like a daily parade of luminaries of the day. I was too young to know who many of those people were: ladies with white gloves and big hats; men with fine suits and cigars. To me, they were just "big shots." But occasionally, a few great people came through, such as Joe Louis and some amazing jazz musicians. more >

Jared L. Cohon

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A life's recounting in the subject's own words

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David McCullough

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A life's recounting in the subject's own words

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Ed Rendell

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A life's recounting in the subject's own words
I was born into a slightly upper-middle-class Jewish family in New York in 1944, and lived in Manhattan with my mother, father and older brother. My father was a converter in the textile industry. My mother was a designer whose family had a pretty successful sportswear business. more >

Edgar Snyder

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A life's recounting in the subject's own words
It all started back in 1977 with the U.S. Supreme Court case, Bates v. State Bar of Arizona. In that case, the Court held that lawyer advertising is commercial speech and as such is protected by the First Amendment. That decision totally upset the longstanding belief among lawyers that advertising their services somehow demeaned the profession. In the year or so that followed, slowly, a small number of lawyers began to advertise. And by 1982, I decided to get in the game. more >

Jacqueline C. Morby

home paintingwithlight
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Businesswoman & private equity investor

Pittsburgh has changed dramatically since I first arrived here in 1988. It’s much more entrepreneurial now. more >

Dan Rooney

wdik rooney30th United States Ambassador to Ireland

The Irish like to say ‘it’s a long way from Newry’—where my family comes from originally—‘to Phoenix Park,’ where I now live and work as the U.S. ambassador to Ireland. But believe me, it’s a much, much longer way to Phoenix Park from the North Side of Pittsburgh.
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