Dogs of Our Lives

win13 dogs

Dogs play a significant role in the daily lives of many in our region. In Allegheny County, there were 102,289 dogs licensed in 2011.

Dogs can add to quality of life both as companions and in service, as exemplified by Daisy, a golden retriever and standard poodle mix who is trained as a diabetes alert dog.

As Brenda Pearlman, watches her daughter, Laura, during soccer practice, Daisy paws at Brenda’s side. She asks, “Too high or too low?” Daisy drops to the ground, signaling that Laura’s blood sugar is low. Laura is summoned to the sidelines for a check, and, after a quick snack, returns to practice.

This slideshow showcases local canines of all kinds—from man’s best friend to service dogs, a hunting champion, pampered pets and a dog struggling to survive.

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